Faith is a voyage of discovery and not a destination

Childlike faithOur Christian lives are a walk of faith; I like to call it a ‘voyage of discovery!’ God is the only unchangeable aspect of life. Every other aspect is subject to change at any moment.
I have met people who think that they have figured it all out, only to have to face something that is outside their paradigm. It is not a destination. It is not something that one day you have figured out like a formula or a recipe. On one day, prayers may be answered and the next day they may seem to go unanswered. At times it may be that every promise is fulfilled and at other times the promises we have received may appear not to be fulfilled. But in all this, God is the constant and that is why our faith in Him is so important.
It can be compared to a ship on the open sea. That ship cannot predict what will come its way. It may be that the ship has an experienced captain, but even he has not got it all figured out. The sea could throw a curve ball at him and leave him astounded. In the same way, we do not know what life will bring our way. But no matter what may come, God is with us and He is the constant in our lives. Never think you have arrived, rather just enjoy the journey and you will discover His faithfulness all along the way.

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