With Jesus a life of victory is possible

With Jesus a life of victory is possibleWe all want to live a victorious life.  A life where we have victory over the problems that life may place in our way.  Victory over sin.  Victory over the attacks of the devil.   Victory over sickness.
Jesus was also exposed to the aspects of life that we face  BUT through them all He overcame and was victorious.  As we live our lives in Him, we can enjoy this life of victory.
The life and death of Jesus is an example to us.   An example of confrontation and victory.   Jesus did not have it easy.  He was tempted as we are.  He was born in lack – poverty.   He was rejected by the religious leaders of the day.   He was dropped by His friends.  He had to suffer on the cross.  But in all of this, He came through victorious.  Jesus is our example.

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