Depending on God

If you are depending on God, you can take courage. When we depend on God we are in effect saying that we understand how much we need God and that we cannot do without His assistance and presence in our lives.  If you are endeavouring to live like this, you can be encouraged and draw strength and courage.

Psalm 31:24 So cheer up! Take courage if you are depending on the Lord.

I want to encourage you today. If you have been depending on God, that is a good thing. Just receive His strength for you today. This also a reason to be happy and to ‘cheer up’.  To have a ‘dependent on God’ attitude and heart is one of the best ways of living.
Sometimes we allow despair and hopelessness to flood our souls. This can be a very destructive force in our lives.  We must not allow ourselves to sink into such a condition.  We need to speak to our ‘inner man’ and speak hope and courage.

Psalm 42:4 Take courage, my soul! (Living Bible)

Instruct your heart and soul to do the right thing. Without this we are destined for failure.

Proverbs 18:14 A man’s courage can sustain his broken body, but when courage dies, what hope is left?

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