Will your anchor hold?

anchorWe are exposed to many things during the course of life.  Some things we cannot understand.  But when we experience what life can dish up, do we have an anchor. 

An anchor for times:

  • When we are challenged
  • When things we never expected takes place
  • When the things we think are sure, disappoint us

If we have our anchor in the right place, we may be shaken but we will not be moved.  

An anchor is a device used on ships.  A heavy iron instrument attached to the ship with a chain.  That hooked into the ground below the water.  This would hold the ship in it’s position.  

We need a anchor in our lives.  Something to believe in that will hold us firm or attach us to something solid, when everything else seems to be unreliable.  You can’t see the anchor when it is working, BUT you know it is there

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