I will not fear man

Chains Fear
Fear is one of the greatest things that limit and hold us back. Fear has a way of rushing in on our lives and paralyzing us.  In the process we contend with many things that often never happen.  Right now, if you were to take a moment, you can probably think of something that you are facing.  But God advises us on the issue of fear.  He tells us that we should not allow fear to grip us. We need to exchange our fear and replace it with a more active trust in God.
One aspect that many people battle with is what we call the ‘fear of man’.  It is fear that causes people to draw back and not step forward. Other people intimidate and make them feel threatened. I was recently watching an investigative television program on gangs. It was interesting to see how the entire community was intimidated and as a result the whole area had degenerated into anarchy. The gangs did exactly as they liked and everyone else was too scared and did nothing. This is what happens when fear is allowed to rule our lives – we do nothing.

Proverbs 29:25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare.

A snare is something that holds you back BUT also eventually kills you!

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