When we love God

Do whatever God tells us to do is a sign of our love for God. If you are attempting to hear from God and obey what He tells you to do it is a sign that you love God.

2 John 6 If we love God, we will do whatever he tells us to.

We cannot say we love God and then do whatever we want. We love God and because of this love we want to do what He has on His heart for us to do.  Obeying God should be a natural outflow of our love for Him.  Do you really love God today, then we need to do whatever He says.
There are great rewards for dong whatever God tells us to do. God takes ownership of those who will obey Him.  If you are endeavouring to obey God, then you can know what it is like to belong to God.  Another reward is that as a result of obeying God, we can honestly call Him our God.

Jeremiah 11:4 For I told them at the time I brought them out of slavery in Egypt that if they would obey me and do whatever I commanded them, then they and all their children would be mine and I would be their God.

What a reward for the simple joy of obeying and doing whatever God wants us to do!

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