What is holding you back from God?

There are many things that hinder us from going for God. Things that get in the way.  Things that want to trip us up or hold us back. Anything that slows down our spiritual progress, or that makes spiritual progress difficult is a hindrance. If we can know what these things are and can recognise them as such we can overcome.  The devil would like to destroy us and stop us from going for God.  We must not let this happen!
We need to be aware that things could be holding us back and blocking us from all that God has for us. Look out for things that make progress slow or difficult. Look out for things that hold you back.  Anything that hinders or blocks our going for God needs to be dealt a ruthless blow.   We must allow nothing to interfere with our pursuit of God.  We must not allow things that would clog or obstruct our progress with God.

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  1. I believe many things hold us back from God. Especially the youth. That raises some questions.
    1. Can christians( born again) listen to secular music which is not gospel.can we watch movies that are not christian related.
    2. Can we date non christians, people who are not born again.
    3.Can we keep our friends when we become christians.

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