Things that stop us

Sometimes we don’t want to go for God because of previous failures. Perhaps you have failed and fallen down.  God wants to lift us back up.  Past failures can be one of the most limiting factors in life.  We never move for fear of repeating the failure.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He wants to help us.
Perhaps you have pursued God and not had the result that you desired, and as a result you hold back. Resist this natural urge. Don’t allow past failures to stop you from going after God with all your heart.
Fear is a tremendous brake to progress with God. The fear of the things we do not know.  The fear of losing our reputation.  The fear of not been seen as a respectable Christian.  The greatest fear is fear itself.  Fear paralyses us and stops us dead in our tracks.
Fear interferes with our progress. Fear is an unpleasant and often very strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of the fact that we could fail or make a fool of ourselves.  We must not allow fear of any kind to stop us from going for God.

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  1. Your daily e mails as well as this blogs mean a lot to me, and the people I share it with. Thank you very. very much. May our good Lord keep on blessing you!

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