Your best friend


Everyone of us needs a friend Human friendship is important and can mean so much to us.  Do you have any friends that you can totally depend upon?  Then you will know how special and valuable they are.  

Jesus is the best friend that you can ever have in life. Some people know Jesus as God.  Some people know Jesus as a historical figure.  Some people know Jesus as their Saviour.  BUT very few know Him as their friend.  Jesus wants to be your friend.  And you and I have a friend in Jesus.

Jesus is the best friend that you could ever ask for. Here are the reasons why:

  • He is always the same
  • He is always available
  • He fully understands us
  • We can load any burden onto Him
  • He is our great burden bearer
  • He will always help us no matter how bad we have been
  • He always has the best advise
  • He never drops us: ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’

Jesus is the best friend that we can ever have.

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