We all need help

In some area or another we all need help. Regardless if it was one of the great men and women of the Bible or the apostles of Jesus, or you and me today, we need God’s help.  We may think we can do it on our own, but sooner or later we will realize that we cannot do it on our own. There is just something about help that lifts us from one dimension to another.
I remember years ago my grandfather decided to advance his four daughters R1000 of their inheritance. It was a considerable amount of money in those days. This help brought such joy and relief to my mother and to us as a family as a result. It was not earned or expected, but it just lifted the weight of life and brought relief.
When God steps in and helps us, it has the same effect. Perhaps there is an area of your life today where you need divine intervention.  You just need God’s help in your situation.  Well, you can trust God for just this.

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