Emmanuel – God is with us

It is great to know that God is with us. It is great to know that He will never leave us. We can enjoy His company. We can enjoy His participation in our lives.  In His hands our lives can be secure. Nothing can separate us from His love. The word ‘with’ speaks of the fact that we can experience His presence.

Exodus 33:14 The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Jesus came so that we could experience ‘God with us’.  God wants us to know Him as the God who is with us.  This is a personal, on-going experience.

Matthew 1:23 Listen! The virgin shall conceive a child! She shall give birth to a Son, and he shall be called “Emmanuel” (meaning “God is with us”).’ ”

God wants to be with you as a friend, companion, counsellor, comforter and helper. He has not left you alone. He is still the God who wants to be with us.  May this be a reality to you today.

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