God is in control of nature

It is wonderful to know that God is still in control.  This is a very reassuring fact.  It can seem at times that things are out of control. BUT God is still on the throne.   Things never get beyond the control or the reach of God.  When things seem to be out of control it is time to look to God.  When things are beyond your control, it is time to trust God.  Because of the fact that God is in control, he can always look to Him and we can always trust Him.

Job 37:15 ‘… God controls the clouds….’

Nature is in balance. God controls nature.  Even when natural things seem to get out of hand, God is still in control. When flood waters rise, or the volcano explodes, God is still in control. His order is not necessarily man’s order. You can see that in a natural forest as opposed to a man made forest. If God is still in control of the natural elements, why would He not still be in control of the situations that we might find ourselves in.

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