Lord, rescue me! Quick!

There are those desperate times. Times when we need God to act fast on our behalf.  The writer of the psalm understood this urgency.

Psalm 40:13 ‘Please, Lord, rescue me! Quick! Come and help me!’

There is also a time and a place for this kind of request.  One day my parents were traveling on the highway. Unbeknown to them a hailstorm had just past over a couple of miles ahead of them. The hail lay thick on the road. At 120 km/h they hit this layer of ice. They began to lose control of the car. This was not a time for patient waiting. They screamed out to the Lord asking for help. The car spun around three or four times, left the road and come to a standstill facing the opposite direction. No harm and no damage. They started the car a drove of awesomely aware that God had just intervened and helped them.

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  1. Dear Andrew & Vanessa, I just want to ask you to thank the Lord with for the healing of my hip I know and believe He is able and will. Thanks for all your wisdom and encouragement. Can I ask you if you can send me the protection prayer, I would like to make copies for people who need it. God Bless you both Monique
    On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 9:36 AM, andrewroebert

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