Five different tests that we face: the obedience test

Perhaps this test is linked to the one above, but yet it is different. Jesus faced this test. He was in the garden shortly before He was crucified and He prayed to His Father and asked that this ‘cup’ be taken away. It’s never wrong to put your request to God.
Jesus took the liberty of asking God to release Him of this pending doom, but ultimately He was prepared to obey and He said: ‘But not my will but Your will be done!’ We can go to God and say we would like it in a particular way, but then will we be alright if He says no, I want it My way?
The obedience test is the battle between my will or self-will and His will or God’s will! Will we end up doing what we want to do, or will we sacrifice what we want in favour of what God wants?
The result of Jesus passing this test was that the world was saved.  Imagine what could be the result if you will only pass this test yourself. As we obey and serve Him and His purposes, our lives can have a meaning beyond what we could have ever imagined.

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