It is better to be alive

When we get discouraged we can even get to the point where we feel that life is not worth living. I want to assure you that it is better to be alive.  While we are alive, things can change.  There are many advantages that the living have.  While there is life there is hope.  While you are breathing, there is hope.  While you are alive you can do something.  Once you are dead you can do nothing.  While there is life there is opportunity.  We must make the best use of life that we can while it does last, and manage wisely what remains of it.
I have seen the most impossible situations change. I have seen people who had practically given up on life, turn around and embrace life with wonderful results.  As long as you are alive, things can change and change is possible.  If you are in a bad situation there is hope that those circumstances can change.  If your heart is hard, bitter or evil, there is hope!  Change is possible.  Even if you have been thrown aside there is hope that you could take root again and be fruitful.

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  1. HALLALUJAH!!! Amein!!! Thank you Andrew+ Team. Thank you for the encouragement + prayers. I really appreciate U+ the Team.

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