How can I say thanks?

When we look at the story of the ten leppars, one individual ran back to Jesus.  He was so thankful that he could hardly contain himself.  It says that he glorified God with a loud voice.  We need to notice three things:
1. He was in a hurry to be thankful. We need to be speedy in bringing our praise and thanks, and not delay, in case in time we forget the mercy that has been shown to us.
2. He did not care what anyone thought. He ran to Jesus, making a big noise all they way.  He had just one thing on his mind and that was to get to Jesus and say thanks.  He was completely determined that he would thank Jesus for the miracle.
3. He was humble.  He was prepared to throw himself down at the feet of Jesus.  He was humble in his thankfulness.  When we are thankful it should be the same.

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