What does God want for us?

He wants us to be more like Himself.  This only happens as we experience and ‘know’ Him.  God wants us to live with a divine joy that is alive within our hearts.  God wants us to be transformed so that there will be a willingness in our hearts to say: Yes Lord! Yes Lord!   To live at that point where we live daily in the presence and will of God. In the process we can enjoy a little bit of heaven while living here on earth.  Don’t restrain your desire for God.  God wants to take us on to the point where we can hear His heartbeat.
If we only want to experience more of God because we are inquisitive, we are doing the wrong thing. It be inquisitive is to be given to examination or investigation.  When it comes to God we don’t investigate Him, we must experience Him.
For some people, there only interest in God is that they are inclined to ask questions.  They want God for what He can do and especially what He can do for them.  God wants us to love Him, just because we love Him.  Perhaps your inquisitiveness stems from a desire for God. Then it is time to move on.

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