Being related to the Holy Spirit

Pastor Ed RoebertAlthough a man may appreciate the help of his wife, there is no one to equal the Holy Spirit. He is the greatest companion you can ever know.
Being related to the Holy Spirit means more than can be expressed in words. From Him we receive the wisdom of God, the anointing of God and the Power of God to make us effective from day to day for the King.
I once knew of a rather plain girl, who had never managed to get a steady boyfriend. Consequently she became downcast and discouraged. One day a Young christian guy, from out of town, came to the church and noticed her. I have never seen a girl change so much in so short a time. Just because he took notice of her, she actually became pretty overnight.
Our lives too are rather meaningless until we come into partnership with the Holy Spirit, and when that happens, people soon notice the difference. God has blessed Yonggi Cho’s church in Seoul, Korea, and done many wonderful things there. But I am convinced of this; it is not because of his Home Cell structure; nor because of the effectiveness of Prayer Mountain, but it is because of his relationship and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

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