How to ensure success in 2014: Motivation (Part 2)

There are some basic human motivations. These include the following: security, acceptance and significance. In a sense we are all looking for these three aspects.
Keys to successSecurity – we want to feel secure. Our actions will move us towards a place of security. We may achieve this through studies in order to provide career security, financial pursuits that lead to financial security, moving geographically to a place perceived as enjoying greater security as well as a host of other ways of finding security.
Acceptance – we all want to be accepted and loved. Peer pressure is a prime example of this looking for acceptance. Young people will do almost anything to find this acceptance. We all strive to be accepted and loved, it is fundamental to the human makeup.
Significance – we all long to have value. Significance is the quality of being important. It is this aspect that gives us a sense of lasting value.
These basic motivations cause us to respond or react in certain ways. Our security, acceptance, and significance should be based on our trust and confidence in God. When this is not the case, people will fill the void with earthly things that can become a snare.

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