How to ensure success in 2014: First Things First (Part 3)

I have discovered that this aspect is the aspect that causes most people to lose sight of what is really important. Have you ever had one of those days when you knew you had some important things to do only to discover at the end of the day that you rushed around doing so many things and what really needed to be accomplished was not? The urgent things are always demanding our attention and our immediate action and often the important things are sacrificed. Let me give you an example; I have seen men pursue careers and rush from meeting to meeting and in the process neglect their families, only to discover at the end that they have lost their families. You and I must determine what is important and that we will not allow the urgent to derail our purpose and consume our lives.
Priorities are things we focus on and the things we give attention to. Priorities are the things that are important. Our priorities are the things we aim for and strive after. Certain things are more important and get more attention as a result. Priorities are our orders of ascendancy. Priorities indicate a set of order. How we order our lives indicates our priorities. How we spend our money is a good indicator of our priorities.

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