How to ensure success in 2014: First Things First (Part 4)

We can begin to get our priorities right as we carefully evaluate what is important and what aspects should receive what degree of attention.
Draw up a list and rate the things on the list in order of importance. If family is the most important on your list, then you need to ask yourself if they are receiving the right proportion of attention. To be able to enjoy success this evaluation cannot just be done once. Each day and with every decision and choice we have to make we have to evaluate it in the light of our priorities.
I once knew a man who did not know how to say no. He had his own business and was good at his work. As a result he got lots of orders and he kept saying yes to every job. Eventually he had far more work that he could cope with. He started running between jobs, never completing one job on time or to the satisfaction of the clients. People began to get angry with him and eventually the message got out that he was unreliable. As a result people stopped asking him to do work and things did not go well. Eventually he had to move into another line of work.
The issue is that putting first things first is a daily choice. It is something we have to decide about every day and moment for moment.

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