How to ensure success in 2014: Believe in God (Part 4)

Keys to successThis is also one of those great challenges that we face from time to time. Think for a moment about Joseph. He was facing the impossible, the unlikely and a situation that seemed to have no end in sight. In the end he ends up in jail (although he was innocent). Here he is forgotten about. Even people he had helped and been kind to just simply forgot about him. In the movie JOSEPH – KING OF DREAMS, there is a scene where Joseph screams from his jail cell and says: ‘Tell them I am still here!’ It is a powerful scene in which we see the tremendous emotion and how Joseph realizes that He has been forgotten and is stuck in a situation that may never change! The issue was that the situation did change and radically at that. Joseph went from prison to the throne of Egypt in one day.
That is just an example of how dramatically things can change and how quickly things can become completely different! If things seem like they are not going to change, it can wear us down, but we must not lose sight of the fact that as we trust God things can and will change.

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