Weapons for overcoming: the Word of God

overcome to overcomer

Psalm 119:50 ‘This is my comfort in my affliction, That Your word has revived me.’ The old translation says: ‘thy word hath quickened me.’

As believers we have the Word Of God and it is a powerful tool. As believers we have a peculiar source of strength. Others may think it strange, but God’s word is living and powerful and His word can overcome the greatest hurdle.
The word quickened means to ‘make alive’.That is exactly what God wants to do for you and His Word is that powerful tool in your arsenal.  Look to His Word, no matter what the trial you may be facing, it will never fail you!
Ralph Erskine said the following: ‘I can trust the words of God; but when they are the words of men, it costs me an effort to think whether I may trust to them.’
Charles Spurgeon said: ‘There is more in one divine sentence than in huge folios of human composition.’
Let your soul leap at the very sound of the Word of God. It is every word of God that man and women are made to live and kept alive. Feed on God’s word no matter what your fight may be.

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