When we take our eyes off of Jesus, things get worse

January 2013 756When Jesus is no longer our ALL, and discouragement takes root, it becomes a downward spiral. The people began to grumble (speak out their discouragement), and find fault with anything and everything. The worst was that they become discontented with everything, even with the miracles that they were enjoying and especially towards God.

Numbers 21:5 the people spoke against God and against Moses, Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no bread, neither is there any water, and we loathe this light (contemptible, unsubstantial) manna.

Then things got worse. We need to be careful, sometimes we become discouraged, depressed, impatient and discontented when there is not much to be discouraged, depressed, impatient or discontented about.
This is where the danger comes in. If we get like this when we have no real reason to be so, we can end up with something to be discouraged, depressed, impatient and discontented about!

Numbers 21:6 Then the Lord sent fiery (burning) serpents among the people; and they bit the people, and many Israelites died.

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