What does it mean to trust God?

15702God’s plan for each of us is that we should trust Him completely. We cannot know what the future will hold, but God does.  As a result we can put our trust in Him. As we put our trust in Him, we develop a trust lifestyle.
A ‘trusting in God lifestyle’ is a daily and ongoing trust in God for every aspect of our lives.  Are you really trusting God?  God’s plan for us is that we should trust Him.  Let’s begin trusting God.
I have tried to keep this simple and easy to grasp.  Trusting God means that we depend or are dependent on God.  It can also mean that we place our confidence in God and because of this we can be confident or full of hope.  To trust means to rely on.  When we trust God we are looking to Him. Our expectation is of Him. We can rely on His character, ability and strength.  This is what it means to trust.

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