What is our purpose?

new dimensionRemember the chief purpose of man is to love God and to enjoy Him forever. We were created to have companionship with God.  We were created to find our fulfillment as we experience God. Without this dimension in our lives there is a constant searching and longing that cannot be fulfilled by anything else. This is where we belong.
Imagine using your tumble dryer to wash your dishes. That is what it is like when we try to fulfill our lives with everything except that which we were created for.  Everything ends up broken. If we use a dishwasher to wash our dishes it is a joy and a delight.  And if we will allow our lives to filled with God then our lives can also be a joy and a delight.

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0 thoughts on “What is our purpose?

  1. ISAIAH 45:7 – i form the light and create darkness, i make peace and create evil, i, the lord do all these things.

  2. Yes for that purpose that alive to God even today in peace and alot wisdom to joy and be thankful in blessing and makining our life fruitful in goodness and to sow our seed in faith to reap later big harvest in Jesus name ,thanks and bles,keijo sweden

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