So much to be thankful for

15504God has truly blessed us. There is so much to be thankful for.  Just think for a moment about the ways in which God has been good to you. O Lord my God, how blessed am I. Yet God wants more and more for us.  He wants us to grow and mature in Him. He wants us to go from glory to glory.
I remember a situation where a group of us went hiking. One member of the group was driving us through a mountain pass. The car was a little underpowered. Another group member kept reaching over and pulling up the hand brake. In the process we would loose all our momentum and have to build up speed again.
Sometimes we do this in our spiritual lives. We keep pulling up the hand brake or the hand brake keeps being pulled up for us.  It constantly halts our progress.  Some who are listening or reading this have a desire for God, but they keep putting the brakes on.  Maybe you have long since completely applied the brake and have stopped all progress.  I am here to encourage, don’t stop going for God.

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  1. Thank you for the daily inspirational messages. A group of God haters took over our company. It has been a tough three years. From being a group who openly declared our Christianity, the few of us left over lay low to avoid constant targeting. And this in South Africa. As I look back now, it is clear to see how much I have grown. Throughout your messages inspired me. I continue however: constant prayer, putting on Ef 6’s armour, being as cautious as a snake and upfront/open as a dove. And I know and am convinced of this one thing – everything works together for my good. God bless, and may you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas time.

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