The Lord wants to lead you and use you

Alive to GodActs 16 records a story of two main characters, Paul and Silas.  They were travelling around the then known world bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people of different groupings.
They would go from place to place as the Holy Spirit led and guided them.  Wherever they went people’s lives were touched and changed. As a result Christianity spread and grew. v5 ‘So the church grew daily in faith and numbers.’
These were just ordinary people making a great difference in the world. God wants to use you and I in much the same way to touch the lives of others and in the process change and influence the world around us. Like these disciples, we are meant to be agents of change in the world in which we live.  God can use us as we follow what He leads us to do.
Sometimes in the business of life His leading can be drowned out by the urgent and pressing things we face. But if we take the time and if we will endeavor to hear what He tells us and take action on that, He will use us and our lives will be filled with purpose and meaning.

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