Where to find the things that we have lost

We need to know where to find the things that we have lost.  It starts by going back.  Back to the point where we lost them in order to find them.  It seems easier to go 20 kilometers forwards than going 1 kilometer back to find what we lost.  Look for those things that you have lost where you lost them.  It is hard work to go back, but finding what is lost means moving backward so that we can go forward.
I have seen this with good people who have lost their marriages.  I am not speaking about divorced people, but I am not excluding it.  These are people will cause damage to their relationship, then without attending to it, move on as though it never happened – resulting to ongoing problems.
They need to go back, find what they lost where they lost it, and put it right.  Then they can truly make progress.  This can be applied to every area of  life.
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