Finding God again

Look for God where you “lost” Him.  For some this may mean going back many years.  It somehow seems easier to move forward a great distance with problems, than to go back a short distance to fix things up.  The Lord Jesus has not gone away.  He is still as close as a call away.  He desires relationship with you more than you desire relationship with Him.
Often when we lose something, we only then begin to appreciate it.   When we find something we have lost, we are not ready to let it go!  It’s the same with God.   When you find Him, cling to Him!
Perhaps you have let go of God.  Today He is calling you back.  Sometimes we run ahead of God.  Then we expect Him to play catch up.  It does not work that way. We must go back.  It is dangerous to live without the Lord.  Go on seeking, you will find Him!
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