Saying that we plan to do good does not amount to 'doing good'

do goodSometimes we are quick to speak and slow to do. I have found myself saying to my wife: ‘We need to help that person!’ and then nothing more gets done.
They say that ‘talk is cheap’. It is easier to say you will do something than to actually do it.  Perhaps you have been promising your wife or your children something for years and you have never done it.
I once knew a couple. They had been married for many years and they never owned a washing machine or dish washer. The wife would always ask her husband to buy these appliances, but he kept saying he would do it but he never did. Eventually after 40 odd years of marriage, the wife died. Then he discovered how much was involved in doing his own clothes and dishes and within a few days of her death he purchased the appliances. How sad that is. In my book, his inability to do the good he said he would do amounted to doing evil.
Let’s stop saying we will do something and let us do it! Rather, put your money where your mouth is.  Do something rather than just talking about something.
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  1. yhat would go for my eldest son. i have asked him to put new elastic in mt pj pants for years still waiting.

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