What is it that makes us weary of 'doing good'? (Part 3 of 3)

do good‘Doing good’ with no results can make us weary.
If you are doing good and all your effort seems to bring no immediate results we can often get discouraged.
Imagine exercising and seeing no results – how long would you continue? The results of doing good can sometimes take a long time before we see them.  It’s hard to continue when results seem to not be forthcoming.  It may even seem that the good we are trying to do is useless.  It is for these reasons that we can become weary of doing good.  But we are encouraged not to become weary in doing good.
‘Doing good’ when no one else is doing anything wearies us.
We live in a world that is selfish and self-focused. The world has got weary of ‘doing good’. I recently watched a documentary on the humanitarian aid that is offered around the world. It was said that the demand around the world for humanitarian help has gone beyond what people and organizations can do to address it. The need has outstripped the supply. But the issue is that this does not mean we should do less or nothing.
The need may be too great and many may feel that what they can do is only a drop in the ocean and so perhaps they step back and do less. We can also feel like this, be we should respond in a different way.  We should choose to do what the Word of God tells us to do and we should not get weary of ‘doing good’.  Don’t allow the magnitude of the needs you see weary you to the point of doing nothing.
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