Expect the unexpected

1912101_10153067138246313_1684451054834657622_nSo the battle is raging between these two nations, Israel and Amalek.  Unbeknown to them God was doing something, but perhaps initially they did not see it. But as the battle went on they discovered that when they looked and saw Moses, if his hands were up, they would have the upper hand. But if his hands were down, the enemy had the upper hand. They could never have foreseen this and it must have taken some time for them to figure it out. It did not happen with their knowledge and it was something no one could have predicted.
The Bible says: And so it came to pass………..  So it came about ………
They must have worked it out and then discovered that God was with them and He was fighting for them, if only Moses could keep his hands up! Once they figured it out, they put together another strategy to hold up Moses’s hands.  Aaron and Hur held them up for Moses!
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