Thankful for God's blessings and faithfulness


Psalm 67:5-6 Praise God, O world! May all the peoples of the earth give thanks to You. For the earth has yielded abundant harvests. God, even our own God, will bless us.

Knowing the blessing of God on our lives is the greatest joy that humans can know.  In some way or another, if we really consider all the elements of our lives we will discover that God has blessed us in certain ways.  Let’s be thankful for His blessing on our lives.
There is the great hymn that says: ‘Great is your faithfulness, oh God my father. There is no shadow of turning with thee. Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not. As thou hast been, thou forever will be. Great is thy faithfulness.’  We can be thankful because God is a faithful God.

Psalm 100:4-5  Give thanks to him and bless his name. For the Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation.

God’s faithfulness goes on from one generation to the next.
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2 thoughts on “Thankful for God's blessings and faithfulness

  1. Prayer is my daily bread and Andrew and Vanessa chosen ones to be my spiritual father and mother.You really put a spark in my face and most of all thankful and grateful that with the daily qoutes which always makes me to consult with the Holy Book(Bible) I have now grown to a stage whereby can I truly say it is well with my soul because I now understand the spiritual world and the material world especially Romans 7 under the heading’Conflict of Interest’ that has really made a change in my life and I always preach about it.
    Thanks to Andrew that he has contributed a lot in my spiritual world.

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