We are limited

11222179_10153298379101313_2326760428196297845_nGod has something good in-store for each one of us.  He wants to show us His love and tender mercy.  He wants to be good to us.  Sometimes we limit God and we see Him from our human perspective.  When things look as though they are beyond saving, we forget that God is NOT confined to human limitations. We may think that God can only answer our prayers and requests in one way, when He can come through for us in ways we could never have imagined. If you are trusting God in some way or another, begin to expect the unexpected.  You never know!
Everything about humanity is limited.  We live within and understand within our limitations.  Humanity does not have all the answers.  An example is the length of our lives.  Life and the length thereof is limited.  It has a defined start and a defined end.  Because of the limitations that we face, we begin to think in terms of these limitations and then we begin to think that God is also contained within those limitations.  We must never allow this to happen. Never allow our human limitations to limit God.
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