Determination brings results

Be determinedWhen we are determined it will bring results. As children, when we were growing up my father would always set goals. At the beginning of each year he would draft goals for himself. I can remember one year as he sat down he goaled to build a swimming pool. It seemed like a remote possibility as we had always hoped for a pool. But this year was different. My Dad had made it one of his goals and usually he reached his goals. Later that same year our pool was built.
When we sit down and get determined to do something, we have the greatest possibility of seeing it happen. Here is an example from the Bible:

2 Chronicles 2:1 Then Solomon determined to build a temple for the name of the Lord.

Perhaps as Solomon sat down to write his goals, he set a goal to build a temple. This determination brought results.

2 Chronicles 5:1 So all the work that Solomon had done for the house of the Lord was finished.

Without a determined firm decision this would never have been accomplished!
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2 thoughts on “Determination brings results

  1. Hey Rossyposs, I opened the email below just after reading your email, and I know from experience this is sound advice, whether you believe in the Bible or not. It’s like magnetism. If you are determined to achieve a particular goal you will make it happen, and opportunities to do so will come your way. It’s a matter of focus, sensitivity to new potential and determination. If the current pie doesn’t generate sufficient revenue then go bake a new one!  I actually invented my own businesses, because there wasn’t a convention at the time to encompass my abilities and talents. I had no education or training,  but just invented myself and my companies as I went along. I created something out of apparently nothing at all. It worked splendidly, as you know, till people who I thought loved me turned out to have been my enemies all along. How can you fight an enemy you don’t even know you have? But look what you have achieved in the last few years! From being homeless and despairing to having a beautiful home and a lovely, healthy, happy family! Now you must wrestle a way to provide an income from your circumstances. Try to think laterally. Look at what’s needed all around you and how you can provide the capacity to meet those needs creatively. The corporate world responds to moral outrage, I can tell you that. They’ll throw money at you if you provide the education, upliftmrnt and resources to improve their tarnished image and enable them to trade internationally. Look at the big picture! SA is in dire straits. If you give them the means to get funding from Europe and the US every door will be open to you. Invent a viable project that solves a number of problems!  Government will efficiently distribute whatever you give them free. As long as they don’t have to give you money they are most obliging. This in turn gives you official sanction, leverage with industries who actually have the funds and credibility. They have large budgets to provide guilt money for the social and environmental ills they themselves helped to create. As for a wedding, the bride’s dad has the privelege of providing it. He really must do so, even if he’s divorced. Kimmi is his daughter and it’s an honour for him to give her away in marriage. Goodness gracious – what is the world coming to? Then you can come visit for your honeymoon! Well as you say it would be splendid to visit us, wedding or not. Maybe we can help with the air tickets, and of course you need nothing when you get here. My poor old rrrrronds are worth nothing over here these days, which does make it difficult. Fortunately David has proper currency and is generally extremely generous and loving. He really doesn’t care about saving money. He spends it on everyone all the time.  I love you very much! MomsyPS I’ll try your crackly landline again on the weekend! XX
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