Giving God first place

How is it possible to give God first place?

  1. Don’t be defensive, or make excuses.
  2. Be serious about putting God first.
  3. Come to God determined to be heard!
  4. Be specific about the things that have taken the place of priority in your life.
  5. Ask God to forgive you!
  6. By a decisive action, place Him on the throne of your life.
  7. Start pursuing God.

First-things-FirstJust like with Abraham, God tests our hearts. Sooner or later He will bring us to this test. If Abraham had not passed the test, the whole of history, as we know it today would have been different. But Abraham passed the test! So can we!
When we come to the point of testing, we don’t have many options. Let’s pass the test and put first things first.
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2 thoughts on “Giving God first place

  1. Words of encouragement. I can’t pass a day without reading this daily bread. Thank you Pastor Andrew and Alive2God team. God Bless

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