God is here

12065883_10153277353526313_4551806422120042611_nIt is great to know that we can always have God near to us. God is here. Wherever we are, God is there.  There is no place where God is not.  No point is nearer to God, than any other point.  Nobody is any further from God or closer to God than any other person.  This needs to become alive in us.  God wants to be real to each of us.
Adam and Eve were living in the garden of Eden.  Then they sinned.  Their immediate reaction was to try and hide from God.  The frantically tried to do the impossible.  They tried to hide from God and His presence.  God is everywhere.  We cannot run away from Him.  Or try to live as though He does not exist.  Sin makes us want to escape God’s presence.  But even sin does not change the fact that God is there.
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2 thoughts on “God is here

  1. I really never knew this nor thought this way that “Nobody is any further from God or closer to God than any other person”. Thank you Almighty God for this knowledge and revelation of your closeness to me/us.

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