God intended that we should experience Him

11828568_10153125292606313_6297910342632030482_nI have always been one of those who has longed for more of God. Not just more of His love and kindness, mercy and grace. BUT more of Himself, His presence and a real knowing that He is real and with me and want to use me.
As Christians we tend to become satisfied.  We have a philosophy that we have seen it all or that this is a good as it gets.   In the worst case we may even decide that wit is not for us.   The real danger steps in when we get to point where we do not really desire more.  There is much more still awaiting us.
God intended that we should experience Him. I have heard so many arguments about this very aspect.  Some would argue and say ‘But I am not that type of person’.  Others may say that life is much more about faith.  I do not for one moment underestimate faith, but God wants our faith to go hand in hand with a living connected relationship with Him.  Still others will tell us that experiencing God was for another time frame. A time that has long past.
My answer to that is – NEVER! God intended that we should experience Him.  The creed tells us that ‘the chief purpose of man is to love God and to enjoy Him forever’.
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