Living right

12003245_10153184125586313_5966837609877978987_nThere is so much more in store for each of us. You may ask the question: ‘Does God want to give us more?’  The answer is yes! YES He does!  We are going to look at two vital keys that open the way for us to reach the goal of experiencing the ‘more’ that God has in store. Then we are going to look at the prayer of Jabez as a guideline for what we can ask God for and what we can expect He will do in return.
This is the first and most important key to experiencing more of God’s favour on our lives. We need to make sure our lives are right. If we are living with known sin in our lives then that will block us from enjoying what God has in store.

1 Chronicles 4:9 Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.

Jabez was a man in the Old Testament who had a good reputation. He endeavored to live right. Did he ever fail? Almost certainly!  The end result was that he was known as an honorable man.  We need to choose to go this same way if we want to experience what God has for us.
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