Like a dance

11896069_10153137913421313_6398029224843454653_nOur Christian lives where never meant to be lives that we orchestrated. We were designed to be connected to the ONE who sets the pace and shows the direction. As Christians we should be endeavouring to stay in step with God.  He is our example, He is our director, He is our commander and He is the one whom we love.  As we grow as Christians we should be able to develop a sensitivity towards God that we, in the process, can feel His heartbeat and know His leading in our daily lives.
I have always been amazed, as I have watched ballroom dancing. To see two different and separate people moving in perfect harmony and unity, flowing together.  I believe that this is what our spiritual lives should look like.  That we should be lost in flowing with God, in perfect harmony and unity.  For two people to be able to dance in such harmony does not just happen.  It develops with many mishaps and standing on toes.  It is the same in our lives with God. Our flowing together must be developed and fine-tuned.  It starts with that desire in our hearts to keep in step with God.
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