We have precious treasures

treasureAs Christians we have many precious treasures. God has given and entrusted us with things that are of great value. Yet at the same time we remain weak. The Bible speaks of us as being earthen vessels, jars of clay and vessels of earth.  Yet God has placed within us things that are valuable and precious – treasures!  Earthly treasure does not last and cannot be taken with us, BUT the precious treasure that God has placed within us enduring! No one can take it away from you!
What is precious treasure? Let’s evaluate these words separately.

  1. PRECIOUS – The word means: something of great value or has a high price. It can also mean it is highly esteemed or cherished.  When something is precious it is also loved.
  2. TREASURE – The word means: a collection of precious things. But treasure is also a store of wealth, having great worth or value, considered rare and precious.

So as Christians we have a store of valuable things that have great worth. Have you ever heard of the GREAT STAR OF AFRICA? It is the largest polished diamond cut from the largest diamond ever found. The original stone was called the CULLINAN DIAMOND and was 3106.75 carats. The GREAT STAR OF AFRICA is 530.2 Carats. It is considered to be one of the most precious stones ever! Its estimated value is $400 Million. (R3 400 000 000.00)
It is mounted in the head of the SCEPTRE WITH THE CROSS. It symbolises the temporal authority of the Monarch under the Cross. It is part of the crowned jewels of the United Kingdom. It is stored in a fortress called THE TOWER OF LONDON. The current owner is Queen Elizabeth II. But why all the fuss over a rock? The reason is it is considered a precious thing.
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