We have a steadfast God

steadfastWhen it comes to trusting God, it is always wonderful to know that we can trust Him
completely because He is steadfast and trustworthy. God can be completely depended upon. We can depend on God’s love, mercy and kindness. We live in a world where everything is always changing and yet we long for something consistent and dependable.  God wants to be the stronghold of our lives.  If we understand the unchanging and steadfast nature of God, we will trust Him even more.
This is a strange word and an old word that we do not often hear, but it is a word that the Bible uses to tell us something about God. The word ‘steadfast’ is part of the definition of the nature of God.  It means to be fixed and consistent.  Firmly fixed in place.  Immovable and not subject to change.  It also means to be loyal and faithful.  This is just how God is. He is consistently the same, not moved by the changing aspects that we have to face and He is loyal and faithful to us.  How great God is!
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