The Timing of God

Timing is important to God. We are all trusting God in some area or another. When things take time we get discouraged. But when it is time God will honor His promises. We must not try to force or push things. It is as though God waits for everything to come into line before He steps in and creates those divine moments. As humans, time is such an issue to us, but for God time is different. Remember God has His appointed times for each of us.
There is a great promise in Isaiah that connects what God wants to do and the timing that God waits for.

Isaiah 60:22 I, the Lord, will bring it all to pass when it is time.

Notice a few things:
1. God will make things happen! Often times we may feel like we need to help God bring it to pass and so we create problems.
2. God wants to bring ALL of it to pass. God wants to fulfill every word, every promise, all He has spoken!
3. When it is time. Probably the most difficult aspect. God’s timing is the vital ingredient to the fulfillment of what God has said.
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