The Greatest Friend

We all need friends. Friends are the special people in our lives. They may only be acquaintances or those with whom you associate. Human friends can mean so much in our lives. Friends have the capacity to influence and encourage us. Do you have any real friends that you can totally depend upon? There is someone who wants to be our friend. He is the greatest Friend a human can know.
Perhaps if we understood this we would be able to accurately evaluate who our real friends are. A friend is someone with who you have a connection. It is someone you get on well with and in whose company you are comfortable. I once heard a statement that true friendship between people takes place when silence between them is comfortable. Perhaps you have some friends like this. A friend is someone who is not hostile towards you. A friend is someone who shares your interests. A friend is someone we spend time with. A favoured companion. An ally, a mate and a partner, that is what a real friend is.
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