Salt has a very important function & has many important qualities.
There is a great deal of salt on the earth.
Just think of the oceans and how much salt they contain.
It is said that there is enough salt in the oceans of the world to cover the entire land surface of the earth with 1 meter of salt.
Salt is one of the primary components of our lives.
Salt enhances the flavour of meat, brings out individuality of vegetables, puts “oomph” into bland starches, deepens the flavour of delicate desserts & develops the flavour of certain fruits. No other seasoning has yet been found that can take the place of salt.
The Bible draws a comparison between Christians and salt.
God obviously meant for us to understand the effect that salt has because we are meant to have the same effect.


Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth.  (NIV).These were the very words of Jesus.
Jesus was speaking to His followers as He spoke these words.
But what does it mean to be like salt?
What effect did Jesus want us to have on those around us?
Salt is a very effective substance in our lives and it has some unique properties that make us dependent on it.
God has placed within each one of us special properties that are designed to have an effect in the areas that we touch. What does salt do?

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