Rev 3:8 “I know you well; you aren’t strong, but you have tried to obey and have not denied my Name. Therefore I have opened a door to you that no one can shut.
A door – this speaks of opportunity.
The entrance to something wonderful.
Not a door that we must open.
But a door open by God Himself.
That no one can shut – including you.
No even you can get the door closed to what God has in store for you.
And all this just because we tried (attempted/endeavored) to obey God.
This should encourage you.


I believe God wants to encourage each of us.
He is coming soon – that’s the first encouragement.
Rev 3:11 Look, I am coming soon!
Then this great bit of advice.
Rev 3:11 Hold tightly to the little strength you have.
If you have just a little strength today – hold on to it.
You may feel like you just have a little bit of strength.
Hold onto it, don’t let it go – God will reward you.
Rev 3:11 Hold tightly to the little strength you have—so that no one will take away your crown.
God has a crown in store for those who have little strength.
What a great thought.


God is looking for overcomers.
What are overcomers?
I believe it is individuals who have held onto the little strength they have and have tried to hear and obey God.
I want to be an overcomer
A conqueror.
One, who after all that life can throw at me, still holds onto the strength that God has given me.
Rev 3:12 “As for the one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God; he will be secure and will go out no more.
The rewards are what I want.

I. A pillar in the temple of my God
In His presence
A pillar – something that can carry
II. Secure
No fear
III. Will go out no more
Never to be separated from His presence

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