At times in our lives we need comfort. We all go through those really low moments in life when we need someone to come alongside us and to comfort and console us.  When my wife passed away in 2018, people came and comforted me. Some just stood with me at her graveside, some prayed for me, some brought physical help in the form of food or assistance. Still others comforted me by their kindness, their words, their actions, their very presence, and even by their physical touch. I was comforted and I believe it was ultimately God who was comforting me.  At this time in history we are facing a global challenge. Things are hard, and tough times seem to have become a living reality for so many people. There is fear and uncertainty on the one side, and hunger and sickness on the other. People, all around the world, are caught between the physical reality of challenges and the emotional toll of what appears to be something that is out of control.  In the midst of all this, I am here to comfort you today. Today, the Lord wants to come and comfort you.  As His representative, I am here to extend His hand of comfort to you today.  Receive the comfort that comes from the Lord, right now. 

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40:1-5 
Key verse: Isaiah 40:1 ‘Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.’

My People
In verse 1 we see an interesting verse.  In the verse, The Lord tells the prophet to comfort the people of God. 

Isaiah 40:1 ‘Comfort, comfort MY people…’

The nation had been in captivity and with the captivity came all sorts of challenges and struggles. Now, things were about to change. God was about to step into their world and situation, and bring about changes that would have seemed unlikely and almost impossible. The Lord was telling them that things would change, and this change was a hope they had given up on seeing take place. In the instruction, the Lord says: ‘Comfort, comfort MY people!’ As Children of God, we have the wonderful privilege of belonging to the Lord. Let me remind you that you are HIS, you are HIS child. You are valuable and precious to the Lord and He loves you. In His love, He is reaching out to each one of us to remind us that we are HIS. We belong to the Lord. Our worth comes from the wonderful fact that we belong to God.Maybe, today, you feel like you are under ‘lock and key’. You do not belong to the ‘locks and keys’ around you, you belong to God. No matter what you are struggling with today, you do not belong to that thing, you belong to God. Let me remind you and comfort you with the knowledge that you belong to God and you are HIS.’This truth is something Lord speaks over you and your situation: ‘Thus, says your God!’ 

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