Come! Let’s Rebuild

We are living in challenging and interesting times. The world wide economy. The politics. People seem to be under great stress and pressure. Loss of jobs. This stress is affecting almost every aspect of life. It influences families, marriages, health and a host of other areas. At face value it can seem as though the economic ‘melt-down’ has a far-reaching effect. The nation of Israel went through a similar experience. The city of Jerusalem had been destroyed and the walls had all been broken down. In addition the gates into the city had been burnt down. The nation was vulnerable and exposed. Nehemiah 1 + 2. What area of your life lies in ruins? What areas of your life are broken down or burned? How should you respond? What should you do?


Nehemiah 1:4 When I heard this, I sat down and wept and mourned for days and fasted and prayed [constantly] before the God of heaven.

There is a time to face the fact and confront reality. There is a time to cry. Look at what Nehemiah did (5 Things).

He sat down.
He cried/wept.
He mourned for days.
He fasted.
He prayed. (Including confession and repentance) v 5 – 10

There needs to be a progression. We can’t just sit down and do nothing indefinitely. We can’t mourn, weep and cry forever. We need to start to turn to God and believe.

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