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When we have been through a difficult time when things have been ruined or destroyed, we can often go into a ‘holding pattern’ waiting for things to ‘return to normal’. I once went to Zambia on outreach. We flew direct from Johannesburg to Lusaka. On arrival in Lusaka the pilot was informed that the president’s plane had just arrived and the policy of the Zambian government was that no planes were allowed to take off or land until the president had landed, completed his arrival ceremony and left the airport. We were advised that we would have to maintain a holding pattern and circle the airport until the processes were over on the ground. After 30minutes of flying around in circles we were allowed to land. Some people in the plane moaned and groaned I even heard some people cursing and getting angry. Some settled down to reading a book or magazine and others took out their laptops and started working. In life, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control we can settle into a holding pattern in which no progress is made. These holding patterns are costly, emotionally and in every other way. Don’t settle for a ‘holding pattern’, trust God to give you vision and then have the courage to GO FOR IT!

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